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Ancient Judaean temple found near Jerusalem

26.12.2012 15:30

A group of Israeli archaeologists has discovered a 2,750-year-old temple and religious figurines at Tel Motza on the western outskirts of the capital, going back to the Judean period.

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Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:16

A group of frauds has stated that old stuff found in the dirt has Israeli origin

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:14

Palestinian people are real because they have lived their for over 2000 years.

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:08

God would not allow violence to take a peice of property, that is the work of the Devil.

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:07

God did not give land to anyone, they just stole it out of desperation becuase no one wanted them.

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:06

They could dig up a gastropod and say it was from an Israeli dinosaour. Who would know?

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 03:04

Rudy, The Land was given to them by God Almighty! The Most High! The creator of the Earth!

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