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Precious artworks stolen from Russian oligarch

Published time: January 14, 2011 14:17
Edited time: January 17, 2011 13:35
Ivan Shishkin ''Oaks''

Ivan Shishkin ''Oaks''

A collection of paintings, including works by Ivan Shishkin, Ilya Repin and Ivan Aivazovsky, was stolen from the country residence of a Russian businessman, art patron and collector of Russian painting and icons.

­According to the local police four burglars in masks neutralized two security guards, broke into the nearby house of business manager to the head of Russian Gold group of companies, Aleksandr Tarantsev. There they found the keys to Tarantsev’s house, broke in, and got away with several paintings. The number of stolen artworks has not been specified so far.

According to Interfax news agency, the preliminary estimate of the stolen artworks’ cost is several million US dollars. Tarantsev was abroad at the time of the robbery.

According to LifeNews, not only paintings, but also some other valuable objects, including a Faberge egg and a golden nugget were stolen from the businessman’s house.