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I was in the jungle with spiders! – Audrey Dana

Published time: February 15, 2011 12:50
Edited time: February 15, 2011 19:03

Who knows better what love may bring and what fear can do to you on set than one of the most promising French actors, Audrey Dana? The star of international hits In Gold We Trust and What Love May Bring spoke to RT about taking risks in film.

What was the challenge for the beauty In Gold We Trust, where her character is part of a group of adventurers making off with 600 kilograms of gold in Guyana, in what later turns into a life-and-death struggle.

“The challenge was to go through a movie with no nice [cinematic] interaction with my partners. My character is alone fighting against all those guys who really have no respect for her,” Dana explained in an exclusive interview with RT.

Dana says that shooting for eight weeks in the middle of nowhere, in the jungle, was harsh, as was playing a woman who has just lost her family.

“Being in the jungle and facing my childhood fears – that was crazy, for sure!”

Is she anything like her character, Camille, in real life? As fearless and risky?

“C’mon, I did the movie! I took as many dangers and risks as my character did. I was in the water with all the bugs and snakes. I was in the jungle with spiders. And on top of it, I was somebody who was very afraid, unlike my character. But I was there, I did it!”

In Gold We Trust by Eric Besnard

­So was fear the driving force for Dana, In Gold We Trust?

“Fear? Yeah, I guess, it’s strange, right? It’s a movie I shot straight after another one, in which I had many love scenes, playing a woman in love. So I guess In Gold We Trust I was reaching for the opposite. I was reaching for my boundaries, for my limits and I got there."

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons she chose to be an actress, looking to experiment with the boundaries of her inner self?

“I don’t know,” Dana replies. “Right now I feel like I’m talking to my shrink!”

“I started being an actress because I love performing, I love being somebody else. I thought I was extremely boring as a child. I remember one day when I was six years old I came to my dad and said ‘I look like nothing! I’m not ugly, I’m not pretty. I have no character! I’m nobody!’ I decided to become an actress because it was like being alive, being somebody.”

What Love May Bring by Claude Lelouch

What was it like working with the guru French director, the man behind A Man and a Woman, Claude Lelouch, in What Love May Bring?

“Claude Lelouch is absolute freedom, but in a caring way. He’s one of the best. He’s like a great audience member. He’s always open to propositions. And when he’s not liking it, you know he’s right, because there’s no ego there. I’ve worked with directors who are real hard and who have only one vision in their head and you have to do it the way they’ve seen it. But it is very interesting too, because you learn a lot about yourself and your boundaries and how you can mould into someone else’s vision.”

Is it important for an actress – a French, an American or a Russian – to have her films exposed around the world?

“I do the movies because I want them to be seen. I have a personal achievement throughout every movie and even when they are not seen, there’s always something I have to learn. To me the ultimate purpose is to have my movies seen by an audience as big as possible.”

Dana once spent a couple of years in New York. How did she find herself there?

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress, but when I came to New York I was there for just a couple of months. I decided to stay and spent two years over there, and I had a baby. I had basically a teenage crisis, going through, ‘do I really want to be an actress?’ I did artistic things, I created my own theater company there and I was directing people. I was not on stage, I was not interested. I didn’t want to meet any agent. For two years I was just wondering, am I holding to my baby dream or is this the job I really want to do? And the answer I found was, I’m an actress!”

­Valeria Paikova, RT