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Banksy's Olympic 'missile' in danger amid graffiti crackdown

Published time: July 27, 2012 10:05
Edited time: July 27, 2012 14:05


The Olympic spirit of struggle has swept London, but not everyone is ready to be involved in the upcoming Games. Graffiti artists, Banksy among them, could suffer the most should London police clean off their creations scattered across the city.

­Despite warnings from local police who promised to remove any graffiti they come across in London, the British nonconformist often referred to as a “guerrilla artist”, Banksy, has unveiled a couple of his new works.

Neither of the pieces’ locations were identified. One of the images exposed on the artist's website ahead of the Olympic opening ceremony features an Olympic javelin thrower holding a missile.

Last week, several graffiti artists were arrested in London as "part of a preemptive sweep" before the Olympics, The Guardian reported. They have been forbidden to own spray paint or to be within one mile of any Olympic venue in London or elsewhere in Britain.