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Beatles behind Iron Curtain

Published time: December 21, 2010 13:03
Edited time: December 21, 2010 16:27
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Image from

An exhibition scrutinizing the popularity and impact of the “Fab Four” in the Soviet Union will be held at the Beatlemania museum in Germany.

­Although the legendary musicians never performed in the USSR, an army of Beatle’s fans were brought up on their music, learning English by listening to British rock hits.

“The Beatles — Back from the USSR” exhibition will feature a selection of newspaper clippings from the ‘60s and ‘70s, reflecting the official stance of the Soviet authorities on the popular band.

The Beatlemania museum in Hamburg puts the spotlight on a wealth of exhibits and rarities from the world of The Beatles. Many are on display for the first time ever, brought together on five exhibition floors.


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