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Politics with a twist of porn

Published time: March 13, 2012 13:21
Edited time: March 13, 2012 17:21
Italian porn queen Cicciolina (REUTERS/Gregg Newton)

Italian porn queen Cicciolina (REUTERS/Gregg Newton)

Italians like their politics spiced up. Four Mediterranean porn stars will be vying for votes in municipal elections, including veteran porn actress-turned-politician, Cicciolina.

­60-year-old Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina, has a reputation for delivering political speeches with one breast exposed. The blond bombshell never had to give up her passion for cinema for the love of politics and continued to make hardcore pornographic films even after being elected a Member of Parliament.

The Italian porn diva posed naked for Playboy and was one of the founders of The Party of Love. Cicciolina made waves when she suggested having sex with Saddam Hussein and later with Osama bin Laden.

After five years in the Italian parliament, the retired porn star reportedly receives a yearly pension of 39,000 Euros from the state.

Cicciolina’s porn counterparts running for elections also include Italian beauty Luana Borgia, once a participant in the Miss World pageant, and Milly D'Abbraccio who was a candidate for the Socialist Party in the Rome municipality in 2008. Last year 47-year-old Milly announced her candidacy for mayor of the city of Monza.

Amandha Fox is the youngest porn star among the four. Originally from Poland, the 27 year-old wannabe politician announced her candidacy for Mayor of Taranto, promising that if elected, she would introduce “Taranto Sex” an international festival to be held twice a year.


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