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Diablo III release…in more than one way! Sex toy Facebook offer

Published time: May 18, 2012 15:24
Edited time: May 18, 2012 19:24

For those to whom the release of computer game Diablo III meant the end of a relationship, a French sex toy producer has made a surprising proposal – a free erotic gadget.

Perhaps some of us still remember a time when porn videos were sold on VHS cassettes, while a trip to the sex shop was somewhat of a humiliating journey, which many hoped no one else would witness. Well, times do change and so do the marketing strategies of adult-oriented businesses. And ooh-la-la, especially when it comes to France.

French sex toy producer Absoloo has made an unusual proposal to those lonely and in need of love, but deprived of tender attention because they spend too much time playing Diablo III – the latest addition to the world of online computer games to glue tens of thousands to their monitors across the world.

The rules are simple – just take a picture of yourself with a copy of the game and post it on Absoloo’s Facebook page. Soon you will receive a personal message from the company with a code, which can then be used to order free sex toys on the company’s official website.

It is thought the service only works in France, however the organizers are calling on all Diablo III and sex toy fans to post their pics, saying nothing bad will happen if they do.

Dozens of male and female gamers have already posted their images holding copies of their beloved game on Absoloo’s page in Facebook. Some try to cover their faces with the game, however, their identities, photos, contacts, interests and more are all only a few clicks away and available for scores of Facebook users to see.

Diablo III came out on May 15 and is already so popular that the servers of its producer, Blizzard, are failing to cope with the internet traffic caused by all those wanting to play.

The company has already apologized to its costumers, saying it had not prepared well enough for the release of the popular game.