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Having fun with dolphins

Published time: December 10, 2011 10:25
Edited time: December 10, 2011 14:25
Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from

Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from

Dolphins are renowned for their high intelligence and playfulness – unlike many of your old schoolfriends! Now a venue in Moscow will play host to the country’s most artistic dolphins as they show off their talents to the public.

­Face to face, nose to nose, cheek to cheek – when dolphins perform, it is hard to remain indifferent. They could give anyone a lesson in sincerity, psychological insight and good attitude.

Their reputation precedes them: dolphins are kind and smart – qualities one might hope to find rather more often in humans. 

Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from
Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from

­The first visitors to the Moscow dolphinarium swiftly learned the names of the finned performers: Ramses and Belka shared the “water stage” with white whale Casper and walrus Luba.

What really makes the show at the Moscow dolphinarium stand out is that the dolphins and the white whale work together, while in other animal theaters they perform in turns.

Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from
Photo by Anton Belitsky (Image from

­“Teaching and bringing up marine mammals is not unlike raising a child. The difference is that it you have less time. All stunts come to be learned and practiced through varied play experiences,” the dolphinarium’s senior trainer, Sergey Subbotin, explained.   

The weekly shows at the new aqua complex at the All-Russian Exhibition Center can house up to 500 animal lovers, with tickets starting at $13. On the first night, the dolphins gave a performance for children from a Moscow orphanage and from now on will continue to lift the spirits of a whole spectrum of children and adults in the Russian capital.


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