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­Dream of all Italians: Gay couple unveil dead Berlusconi artwork (PHOTOS)

29.05.2012 15:07

The first ever married gay couple has created an ironic installation poking fun at Silvio Berlusconi, hinting at his sins and highlighting the personality cult around the former Prime Minister.

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HB 21.09.2013 01:12

I don't care who the subject is, this is a piece in very poor taste. Sadly, the niceties of life are being trampled in the stampede for 5 minutes of fame (we are now in too much of a rush for the 15 minutes of Warhol). It's in the category of shock shlock. Cleverness perverted. Unworthy. How far does the pendulum have to swing before it swings back again? Do we have to reach rock bottom before we climb back out of the pit?

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