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Faux French: Not so 'original' condom turns out to be made in Malaysia

Published time: September 07, 2012 09:53
Edited time: September 07, 2012 14:07
False ‘Made in Condom’ claim lands prophylactic company with fine

False ‘Made in Condom’ claim lands prophylactic company with fine

A brand of condoms failed to meet French people’s expectations after it turned out they were made in Malaysia, instead of the famous Bordeaux town of Condom, as advertised.


A court in the city of Bordeaux has ordered the firm, run by two Frenchmen, to remove references to the town from its advertising after it was discovered the company only had a service address there.

Condom, France (Image from
Condom, France (Image from

­The company has been ordered to pay $12,600 for false advertising. Among those who felt offended was Condom's mayor Bernard Gallardo who said the town of about 7,000 residents had "other advantages" to be proud of apart from its salacious name.

Condom is known for its production of Armagnac, a special French brandy. The town in south-western France also hosts an international music festival and a chess tournament.

"We're not going to hide our heads in the sand; we won't prevent people from making a link with the name. But retreating into such notoriety can only compromise the tourism qualities of the town," Gallardo told Reuters.


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