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All that glitters available

Published time: January 07, 2011 15:45
Edited time: January 11, 2011 20:50
All That Glitters directed by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran

All That Glitters directed by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran

The French have a reputation that precedes them: they are lauded worldwide not only for their remarkable taste in cheese and champagne but are also considered great connoisseurs and auteurs of film.

­To celebrate national cinematic achievements and share them with French film fans across the globe, an online film festival has been launched for gourmands and neophytes, wherever they are and whichever languages they speak.

Available in ten languages, including Russian, Japanese and Arabic, the “My French Film Festival” is easy to access, given it takes place online.

The French know their onions not only when their famous soup is concerned, but also when it comes to organizing some of the world's best film festivals, including Cannes.

Although the fist online worldwide ““” won't take film lovers to the glitzy French Riviera, it will, without a doubt, give one a genuine picture of French film, recently made and golden classic. 

All About Actresses directed by Maïwenn

­It is the brainchild of Unifrance, France's quintessential, far-reaching organization designed to promote French cinema worldwide, which it has been successfully doing since 1949, serving as a role model for many other countries, lacking such an effective tool.

The primary objective of “” is to reveal young French cinematic talent and to “share the love of French cinema with internet users all over the world”.

The Man With The Blue Gordini directed by Jean-Christophe Lie

From January 14-29, those who care and are able to pay a tiny fee, will have access to ten feature films and ten shorts in competition – comedies, dramas, animation, – as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, such as Wim Wenders and the Dardenne brothers. The selection also includes a heritage film out of the competition, French Cancan, by the iconic director Jean Renoir.

The international jury of the festival is made up of highly regarded film critics, industry insiders, and one of Russia's best-known film buffs Andrei Plakhov among others. There's also an “alternative” jury of bloggers from around the world.

Internet users are invited to vote and leave their comments on the website with six prizes to be awarded at the end of the festival.

­Valeria Paikova, RT