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Deconstructing Hitler: Germany to produce biopic on Nazi dictator

Published time: October 09, 2012 15:00
Edited time: October 09, 2012 19:00
German chancellor Adolf Hitler (AFP Photo)

German chancellor Adolf Hitler (AFP Photo)

Germany is to produce a TV mini-series on the life of Adolf Hitler. The series will follow Hitler from his youth as a solider in World War One to his suicide at the end of World War II.

­"We thought the time was right for a German look at Hitler, at his life," Beta Film producer Jan Mojto is quoted as saying.

The country’s two leading TV producers agreed to unite their efforts and the resources to shoot the saga entitled Hitler’s First War.

"This will be a demystification of Hitler, a look at how he created his own history and created myths that seduced the German people," Nico Hofmann of TeamWorx explained at the TV and entertainment market MIPCOM, in Cannes.

"The series will be a direct look at the biggest evil of this century: how it happened and where it came from," he added.

The series is reportedly budgeted at between $20 million-$25 million according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The eight-part mini-series will be adapted from the biography by the award-winning historian Thomas Weber, the author of the Lodz Ghetto Album, a collection by a Jewish photographer whose images shed new light on how ghetto society functioned during the Holocaust.

The Hollywood Reporter is quoting Weber as saying that the only way to get to the bottom of the influence the Nazi leader had over millions of Germans was by "taking Hitler's skills of self-invention seriously, his talents and weaknesses, his cold savagery but also his outright personal charm."