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­Hobbit fever sweeps New Zealand; PETA protest on red carpet (PHOTOS)

28.11.2012 09:45

The animal rights organization PETA protested at the most anticipated film premiere of the year – the opening of “Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey” in Wellington in New Zealand.

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Anonymous user 15.06.2013 00:00

It says the animals weren't hurt during the filming. It was "housing". The provider's responsibility

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 22:24

The stunts are free to choose if they want to risk their lives. ANIMALS DON'T! That's the difference

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 08:26

Perhaps PETA should get actively involved rather than pointing fingers, as usual..

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 06:49

And all the stunt men & women who have died making movies? These free range idiots should shut it!

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