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­French President shared mistress with Sarkozy minister

Published time: October 11, 2012 12:39
Edited time: October 11, 2012 16:39
France's President Francois Hollande (L) and Valerie Trierweiler (AFP Photo / Joel Saget)

France's President Francois Hollande (L) and Valerie Trierweiler (AFP Photo / Joel Saget)

France’s first lady was sleeping with now President Francois Hollande and Patrick Devedjian, a minister in the Sarkozy government at the same time, a new biography of Valerie Trierweiler alleges.

Details of France’s ‘first lady’ Valerie Trierweiler’s love affair with President Hollande are made public in the book.

Entitled ‘La Frondeuse’ the unauthorised biography tells of an affair she and 68 year old former economic minister Patrick Devedjian have had since early 2000s, and also a flirtation with France’s conservative ex- President Nicholas Sarkozy.

According to the authors, Socialist President Hollande and married conservative minister Patrick Devedjian shared Miss Trierweiler as their mistress, while the heart-eating lady was still married to her husband. Monsieur Holland was also not single at the time but living with his partner Segolene Royal, the mother of his four children and a prominent member of the French Socialist Party.

The biographers say Miss Trierweiler would have preferred Patrick Devedjian, however he refused split from his wife, allowing Miss Trierweiler to switch her attention to Francois Hollande.

Co-author Christophe Jakubyszyn says: "Patrick Devedjian hesitated so much that Valérie Trierweiler allowed herself to be courted by a second man of another political persuasion: François Hollande…”

“Little by little, the relationship with Hollande took precedence over the other, notably after an ultimatum in 2003 which Devedjian failed to respect. But he suffered a lot from the break-up," he said. The authors of the book claim both Devedjian and Hollande knew they were sharing a mistress but somehow managed to keep "a great respect for each other."

Another excerpt of the new biography tells about former President Nicholas Sarkozy expressing interest in Miss Trierweiler. The authors claim Trierweiler once said Sarkozy flirted with her at a reception during the same period. However Sarkozy was rebuffed which left him annoyed and disappointed.  He is said to have told other journalists: "Who does she think she is? Am I not good enough for her?"

The unauthorized biography is written by the French political writers Christophe Jakubyszyn and Alix Bouilhaguet and was released on Wednesday. Excerpts were published in newspapers including Le Figaro and broadcast on TV and radio.