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Hollywood married to Russia

Published time: April 21, 2011 14:15
Edited time: April 21, 2011 18:30
Avatar by James Cameron (image from

Avatar by James Cameron (image from

Russia has become the fifth most-profitable market for Hollywood productions. That is according to one of the leading Russian film producers, businessman Aleksandr Rodnyansky.

­“Russian film is part of the world. On the one hand, it’s good, because it stands for the potential of film screenings. On the other hand, it’s a wrong, sick situation when people simply have no chance of watching domestic film,” Rodnyansky was quoted as saying.

Films coming with the tag “made in Russia” fail to compete with big-budget Hollywood blockbusters like James Cameron's Avatar which made headlines becoming the all-time box-office champion, grossing $117.1 million in Russia.

President of the Kinotavr film festival, Rodnyansky, adds however, that “it’s wrong to call for a confrontation between the two cinemas, Russian and American.”

While Hollywood productions rake in millions in Russia, the country’s infrastructure is still very much underdeveloped. With the population reported to be over 142 million, there are fewer than 11,000 screens across the country. What worsens the situation is that not even half of them boast modern technology and the latest 3-D equipment.

“People who go to the movies in Russia are over 21-years old. This audience, as a rule, will stomach no films other than other than action-packed. What it comes to is there’s simply no call for films targeting a more sophisticated audience in Russia,” Rodnyansky told Interfax news agency.