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Homer Simpson glue lookalike fetches $235,000 on eBay

Published time: January 31, 2012 10:37
Edited time: January 31, 2012 14:37
Homer Simpson glue lookalike sells for $235,000 on eBay

Homer Simpson glue lookalike sells for $235,000 on eBay

It appears that some fans of the Simpson’s TV series may have more money than sense. A piece of glue said to be shaped like the character Homer Simpson has sold for $235,000 on the eBay auction website.

The lump of glue is about 1cm tall and the owner Chris Herbert described the item as “a true to life likeness of Homer Simpson's head made naturally by an overflowing tube of glue… It does have Homer's trademark bald head, big eyes and grinning mouth.”

Now Chris is offering the tube of glue that spawned ‘Homer Simpson’ in another auction.

For those who feel cheated, that they didn’t get a chance to bid on Homer, another eBay seller is offering a similar lump of glue said to resemble Homer’s wife Marge. The bidding on this effigy is currently at a much more affordable price of $30.  

There is no indication the winning bidder is going to fork up for the small piece of glue.