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Prison wardens screen jailbreak film for inmates

Published time: October 04, 2012 12:10
Edited time: October 04, 2012 16:10
Poster to the film.(Image from

Poster to the film.(Image from

Giving prisoners ideas on how to escape is definitely not a good thing to do. However the administration of a female prison in northern Russia decided otherwise, having screened a Hollywood jailbreak movie for the inmates.

Authorizing the screening of a 2010 thriller The Next Three Days, starring Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks about a jailbreak staged by a professor (Crowe) for his wife (Banks) has landed the prison wardens in trouble, Leningrad Region prosecutors reported.

Prosecutors believe that the film promotes wrongdoing which is the opposite of the concept of a correctional facility.  

The film “fails to promote correction of inmates and prevention of new crimes,” the prosecutors said in a statement.

In the movie Crowe’s character, plots a jailbreak for his wife who has been given a life sentence for murdering her boss. He breaks one law after another faking passports and social security numbers, robbing a drug lord and torching his lab.

Prosecutors, who dubbed the film the “Hollywood jailbreak manual” confiscated the copy and reprimanded the prison administration.