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Kremlin's Armory Chamber comes to Florence

Published time: May 27, 2011 08:58
Edited time: May 27, 2011 13:54
Treasures of the Kremlin come to Palazzo Pitti in Florence (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vdovin)

Treasures of the Kremlin come to Palazzo Pitti in Florence (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vdovin)

Jewels form the Moscow Kremlin's Armory Chamber are on display in the Florentine Palazzo Pitti in exchange for the Medici Treasures that are currently on tour in Moscow.

Over 150 pieces are included, representing the richest collection from one of the oldest museums in Russia.

The treasures from the Kremlin's collection tell the story of Russian tsars across the centuries. According to the Director of the Moscow Kremlin's museums Elena Gagarina, ”the exhibition features pieces ranging from unique hidden treasures which were found on the territories of Kremlin to precious religious attributes and Byzantine monuments which were particularly valued by the Russian court.”

The Kremlin's Armory Chamber has its name for a reason, and visitors to the exhibit in Florence will get a chance to see why. The Tsars' arms, embellished with precious and semiprecious stones, rich golden and silver jewellery, parade uniforms, and sophisticated woven fabrics created under the orders of Russian Empresses are among the artifacts on display.  

"The relations between Russia and Italy are deeply rooted in the past, approximately the 15th century when Italian architects came to Moscow and began building the walls of the Kremlin, as well as taking part in designing the Kremlin's cathedrals. So today we can't imagine the Kremlin without the contribution of those Italian masters," Gagarina stressed at the opening of the display in Florence.

Russia's Culture Minister Aleksandr Avdeev highlighted the especially warm relations between the two countries and the scale of the event as none of the treasures showcased at Palazzo Pitti has ever been displayed outside of Russia before.

The display at Palazzo Pitti will continue September 11.