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‘Muscovites are really into fitness’ – Madonna to RT

Published time: August 06, 2012 20:46
Edited time: August 07, 2012 09:05

Madonna (RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov)

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Madonna is in Moscow to give a single concert and officially open her luxury Hard Candy fitness club. The Russian capital hosts her third gym in the world, and the Queen of Pop explained to RT why "it is a really good place to start a gym."

Though the Hard Candy Fitness Club, a first in Russia, opened its doors back in December, the official grand opening was held off until now, as Madonna herself was able to visit Moscow. It was also planned to be a celebration of the success of Moscow location.

Well I can say why I chose Moscow. Because I, first of all, I love the city, and I had a very good experience when I came here with my show. And second of all, I feel like people here really have a good work ethic, and are really into fitness and work long hours, and I thought this was a really good place to start a gym,” Madonna exclusively  told RT .

Despite the concert on Wednesday, Madonna assigned a whole day, August 6, to present her first Hard Candy in Russia.

The Queen of Pop’s fans gathered near the stylish building in the heart of Moscow hours before she arrived. When she appeared, the crowed started chanting, “We love you!”

The design of the club was developed in cooperation with Madonna – walls adorned with her portraits, and only brand-new equipment in training areas. As a real fan of fitness – and a businesswoman – the singer took into account each and every detail. For example, while exercising on a treadmill, busy people have a chance to check emails or chat with their friends on the Internet.

The price for a year-long membership starts at a whopping 160,000 rubles ($4, 917) – or about 60 per cent of an average Russian's yearly income.

On Tuesday Madonna will perform her sole concert in Moscow, and then will continue her tour in St. Petersburg where she is scheduled to perform on August 9.

The star is accompanied by up to 100 dancers and 400 staff, along with her children. Forty-four trucks were required to transport all the necessary equipment for the show.

It’s not Madonna's first visit to Russia. In August 2006, she performed her first-ever concert in Moscow as a part of the Confessions tour, selling more than 35,000 tickets in just four days.

The current M.D.N.A. tour covers 26 cities around the world. It started on May 31 in Israel, and will finish in France on August 21.

And scandal has followed Madonna on the tour. Paris fans were angered that the performance only lasted 45 minutes, and threw garbage on the stage in protest. In Turkey, local authorities did not like the skimpy apparel and dances on the stage. In Poland, demonstrators held mass protests ahead of her concert, demanding she cancel the show.