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Madonna turns swastika into question mark, Marine Le Pen gains moral 'victory'

Published time: August 22, 2012 14:42
Edited time: August 22, 2012 19:09
Madonna performs at the Charles Ehrmann stadium (AFP Photo / Valery Hache)

Madonna performs at the Charles Ehrmann stadium (AFP Photo / Valery Hache)

During her last concert in Europe, in the South of France, Madonna finally dropped a swastika superimposed on an image of the far-right politician Marine Le Pen, following legal threats from the National Front Party leader.

­Although the video that accompanied the pop diva’s performance of "Nobody Knows Me" still featured France’s National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, the swastika that used to flash on the politician's forehead was replaced with a question mark.

The appearance of the Nazi emblem during Madonna's Paris performance last month caused outrage among members of the party. They launched legal action against the singer and threatened to return to the courts should she use it again.

Comments (2)


Van Hansel 23.03.2014 18:55

Madonna has given that child a better life. don't be jealous someone rich didn't want your sorry soul. How can you build an illegal fence on your own property? okay there is many codes to follow but im sure she would find a way, legally. once again your jealousy shines through you, Madonnas career is much more impressive than yours. you seem like a negative nancy.


Hate-the-State 03.07.2013 09:54

How ironic for the old mad diva to call Le Pen a fascist: I seem to remember, not too long ago how Maddona went to Africa and brought back a child whom she had BOUGHT because she actually believed SHE could give it a better life! When living in England she even fenced off her vast estate and ILLEGALLY had ancient walking rights of way moved because they cut across her land! This woman is a fascist in all she does: she might even have a swastika tattoo on her backside for all I know. It's sad that she has to resort to this kind of pathetic attention-grabbing behaviour in order to resurrect her long dead career.

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