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Mireille Mathieu to give anniversary concert at Kremlin

Published time: November 17, 2010 16:27
Edited time: November 17, 2010 19:35
Mireille Mathieu (AFP Photo DDP / Jens Schlueter Germany out)

Mireille Mathieu (AFP Photo DDP / Jens Schlueter Germany out)

French living legend, singer Mireille Mathieu is due to celebrate the 45th anniversary of her stage career with a concert in the KremlinPalace in Moscow on Thursday November 18.

­The singer, fit and beautiful as she was 30 years ago, with an outstanding voice that she has managed to keep due to “much honey and little talking,” Mathieu has always been a frequent visitor to Moscow.

This time Mireille Mathieu has prepared many surprises for her beloved Russian public. She has promised to play new songs, bring unexpected guests from France, and also a three-meter tall cake in the shape of the EiffelTower.

"This concert is very important to me, and I need to concentrate on it. I will sing new songs in French, and one song in Russian, new for me. I won’t name it – let it be a surprise," the singer said.

Russian hits "Ochi Chernye" (“Dark Eyes”) and “Podmoskovnye Vechera” (“Moscow Nights”) have been in the repertoire of the legendary French songstress since long ago. She was the main reason why these songs became very well known and beloved in many cities outside Russia.

"Music doesn't have borders; this is its main privilege. I sing "Ochi Chernye" and "Podmoskovnye Vechera" before audiences of different countries, where listeners don't understand the meaning of these songs, but they are so strong that the public adores them," Mathieu said.

At a media conference in Moscow, Mathieu once again expressed her true feelings for Moscow and has compared her relationship to Russia and its capital to a long love affair between a man and a woman.

"The Russian audience is the most intelligent one, and Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. It is true!" Mireille Mathieu says.