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Playboy reveals “Laura”

09.07.2009 12:24

An extract from the last, unfinished novel by Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov “The Original of Laura” will appear for the first time-ever in the American issue of Playboy magazine.

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Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:22

In trouble on TV, I wish to JFK.


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:21

To ranting opinion I stagger and dizzy so.


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:19

Authors spur my smart, for this needs the general population asleep, I walk a frisky dog of long flapping ears at 5:00am, my dawn sparks me in the dew grasses, dog and I converse, so smart is he!


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:11

A pattern for world to sample, Pnin.


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:09

Nabokov, varied languages of the butterfly, which he be worthy in his net, afield.


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:07

Reading "The Dragon" made me laugh like a child again, sweet bliss!


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:05

Sometimes we need to bend to the practical fly. So?


Louis Profeta 23.06.2013 08:04

Nabokov, wakens my art fields green, spelling Pale Fire, 90 the verse on index cards, by example, a grain of superior sand.

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