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Saudi girls take to piercing

Published time: May 07, 2012 11:30
Edited time: May 07, 2012 15:30
AFP Photo / Fayez Nureldine

AFP Photo / Fayez Nureldine

In an effort to keep up with the Joneses, young Saudi beauties have revealed their latest extravagance – a penchant for piercing.

­According to the Saudi edition of al-Hayat daily, more and more local ladies are going in for pierced lips, tongues and navels.

The girls are not unanimous, though, on whether piercing actually makes them more charming or stylish. All agree in that it gives almost anyone an edge.

However, among those who suffer the most from the new trend are the girls' parents, many of whom refuse to let their sweethearts pierce their pretty faces.

Al-Arabya daily is citing a psychologist, Elwi Attarji, who believes that imitation is the key motive behind Saudi women's passion for piercing, along with their willingness to separate themselves from the traditionally strict parental control.

“Some girls want to defy their parents and assert their independence by going against social norms,”
Attarji was quoted as saying.


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