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Singing the praises to a sauna

Published time: April 13, 2012 15:50
Edited time: April 13, 2012 19:50
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Photo from

Singing in the rain is regarded old-fashioned these days. The new, Finnish craze is… singing in saunas. A healthy dose of entertainment can be obtained in a unique bus equipped with a karaoke player, sauna and shower.

­The ‘mobile sauna’ can house up to 17 music fans. Passions can run high during a trip with temperatures reaching as high as 120 degrees.

Organizers explain they want to promote Finland’s national pride, sauna, combining the traditional experience with what goes well with it – singing. It cost them about $30,000 to turn the bus into a one-stop entertainment shop.  The only thing it lacks is a swimming pool with cold water. The organizers promise, however, snow will help cool down singing sauna lovers in winter.