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Gone in 60 seconds: Two film fans arrested after staging mock kidnap scene

Published time: October 09, 2012 14:18
Edited time: October 09, 2012 18:18
Photo by Reuters

Photo by Reuters

Watching too many action movies has its consequences. Police in Zurich began a manhunt to track down the victim of an armed kidnapping only to discover it was a re-enactment of a scene from a movie.

­Passers-by reportedly called the police after seeing a man pulled into a car. After a widespread search, Swiss authorities found the car and two Airsoft guns, which they said looked very similar to real weapons, Reuters reported.

A screenshot from Three Fugitives movie (Image from
A screenshot from Three Fugitives movie (Image from

­The police arrested the two occupants of the stolen car, who turned out to be a 20-year old Swiss man and a 22-year old Spaniard. During questioning the pair owned up to the prank, saying it was from a movie.

The two men have been released but are still facing charges for illegally carrying weapons.


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