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Russian composer spells out Light

Published time: August 14, 2012 11:32
Edited time: August 14, 2012 15:32
The Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra (Image from

The Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra (Image from

A Russian composer has figured out the creative phenomenon of ‘eternal light’ with her musical piece entitled Lux Aeterna. The composition received The European Composer Award at an international contest in Berlin.

As Olga Viktorova’s work is being performed, the conductor is ‘writing’ in the air the Latin letters that make up the phrase, Lux Aeterna, while the orchestra reflects the musical shades of ‘eternal light’.

“The combined philosophy of psychological, religious and physical influences finds its expression in compositional techniques that overlap partially, while the flow of the music resembles the physical idea of a directed beam of light,”

the award-winning composer believes.

Lux Aeterna had its world premiere in Germany, where it was performed by the Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Viktorova, from the city of Ekaterinburg has received a prize of $6,000 for her Lux.

Her music has been performed throughout Europe and in America, the Russian composer being a regular guest at festivals around the world.

Berlin’s Young Euro Classic summer festival featured composers from France, Spain and Germany. The event has achieved growing significance in the world of music in recent years.