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RT America — January 3, 2014

January 03, 2014 11:26
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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved the Obama administration's application to renew the bulk collection of telephone metadata for another 90 days on Friday afternoon. The approval will give the administration time to review the 46 recommendations on how to reform the National Security Agency a White House-appointed panel made in December. Two federal judges have handed down conflicting rulings on the constitutionality of the NSA's bulk metadata collection program in recent weeks, and the Justice Department filed an appeal of one of those rulings - the one that said the program is "likely unconstitutional" - on Friday. Meghan Lopez talks about the latest NSA developments with RT web producer Andrew Blake and political commentator Sam Sacks.

Since 2002, the US has launched 461 drone strikes, killing over 3,500 people - 457 of whom were civilians, according to recent research. The strikes occurred in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. The Pentagon recently released its annual report on the use of unmanned systems, which laid out a roadmap - through 2038 - of how the unmanned aerial vehicle program will continue to develop. RT's Meghan Lopez talks about the UAV program's past and future with Mary Ellen O'Connell, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, and Abraham Wagner, an adjunct professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University.

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mergon 09.01.2014 11:57

American digital road sign network is the governments spy on the roads your sat nav systems are the spy in you car
if you have a car with the C.A.N emission system it to trans mitts all of your vehicle information and location to cover the fact that some people may take out the inbuilt sat nav systems.
The domestic drones are coming to scan your roads and highways ,your houses ,your land ,beaches ,harbours ,lakes and you ! and who do you have to thank for that
well its your corporate government !

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