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RT America — July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013 10:58
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Over the years, the lines between military soldiers and police have become more and more blurred. The Department of Homeland Security has provided local law enforcement agencies across the country with military-grade weaponry such as armor, tanks and rockets, and now many are questioning whether or not militarizing local police department is necessary or excessive. The author of Rise of the Warrior Cop, Radley Balko, joins us with more on how the cop has transitioned from serving and protecting to a warrior

On Monday, Iraqi security forces went on lockdown in Baghdad after al-Qaeda attacked two facilities including the Abu Ghraib prison, setting hundreds of prisoners including al-Qaeda militants free. The rebel group has since claimed responsibility for the assault that killed dozens, and Said Arikat, correspondent for Al Quds, explains how these assaults are orchestrated and how effective they can be with regards to the current state of Iraq..

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