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Bankers need to shift to principles of ‘justice and hope’ – Archbishop

31.12.2013 10:33

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the principal leader of the Church of England, has urged bank bosses to make a "massive cultural change" in their management style. He says many refuse to accept how they dragged the world economy into crisis in 2008.

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Kyle Patton 06.01.2014 19:16

And perhaps Christians ought to be reminded of Jesus' opinion of money lenders; see Matthew 21:12–13


Dum Deedum 05.01.2014 19:45

Banks are the New Religion ? Strange Reference. Seems to me a Banks merely a tool thats been abused. Their is no need for Banks to suddenly take on the roles of imaginary people and gain emotions, respect, and possibly in the end some type of strange devotion.


Anna Charles 02.01.2014 18:11

Dear Archbishop of Canterbury, I agree. Please teach Mr Warren Buffett - a modern day Scrooge - to understand that he really does not need billions of dollars. That money willow worthless when he is dead. Best give it to those who could do good deeds, perhaps bail a country out of its debt. Or something else that benefits humanity.


joe ratley, jr. 02.01.2014 04:42

I cringe when I hear vitriol such as Bankster Slayer and Frank, yet I totally understand how such anger and animosity arise & inflame. As a practicing Liberation Theology Catholic, one who has 1st hand experience of Church ineptitude and worldliness (gleamed from my "health care" experiences) I'm tempted to agree with them. There are myriad clergy, religious, and laymen/women who practice the teachings, commands, and examples of Christ. Those who abuse their authority and trust shall have to answer to our Lord, and it won't be pretty. I've been shown the grace to forgive and move forward, and for that I'm thankful.


Philon Nguyen 01.01.2014 03:54

Justice: Give more to Christians?
Hope : Let non-Christians hope all their lives... "What are we doing? -Waiting for Godot..." (quote from Samuel Beckett)

&q uot;Justice and hope" is a beautiful rhetoric but it doesn't pass a reality check...

Th e title of the article should have been: "Should banks be more protectionist to avoid global financial crises..."

The word protectionism has a meaning in economics...


BANKSTER SLAYER 31.12.2013 18:13

People are now waking up to the role that the Roman Church and it's not-so-distant-cousi n, the Church of England, in the very CREATION of this global network of humanity-destroying Banksters. Men like Justin Welby and Pope Francis are busy promoting a false front that Religion is separate from this evil. Maybe they are trying to save their skins from the inevitable justice that cannot now be stopped. See the book: Financial Vipers of Venice by Joseph P. Farrell.


Frank 31.12.2013 18:11

Religion in the western world is controlled, and financed, by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Ford Foundatin etc. They are the largest contributors to theological seminaries where many ministers are educated. I personally watched Southern Baptist ministers in the USA change their message from one of love and understanding to one of union bashing and pro corporate propaganda in the early to mid 1980s.

Welb y should address the problems in his own house in addition to changing his softball criticism of big bankers to fastballs that have them diving from throws aimed at banker heads.


Hansel 31.12.2013 17:55

not duped 31.12.2013 15:27

When I saw the headline I thought this was SATIRE. What about ongoing genocide, apartheid, erosion of personal freedoms/privacy, etc.? Useless tool.


All of these things you mentioned goes on exactly because of the Banks, which includes Greed, Money, Power. The church has become a useless tool for the People. It is just as afraid of retaliation as any other government leader to oppose the real Terrorists.


Milan Bilek 31.12.2013 17:14

Now the economic situation is so severe, that many Banksters deny it, they say (Crisis what Crisis?)! And some micro-macro, (shorform mik-mak), numbers tells of some 01% icrease in some GDPor something! Whilst others that focus on reallity, say that the $'s will collapse, soon "2014" But there are so many experts as there is opinions about what'sreally going to happen! But something definetly will happen! And the 10grands question, is what will those countries in so deep debt, do then?


g br 31.12.2013 16:27

the banking system needs to abolished or changed, and all outsanding wealth "reverse split" permanently to reclaim the stolen wealth.

Anyone with over 500million in assets should have to forfeit 90% as a stolen wealth reclaiming act.

Furthe r, land, ownership of companies, ownership of stocks/bonds, and any other monopolistic national interest to the people, should be divided equally between 325million americans.

After that, strict laws must be enacted to prevent future theft, wealth, crimes, buying politicians, owning every company, and all the land.

If none of these are done, our kids suffer its that simple.


Carlos 31.12.2013 16:26

What we have seen post 2008 is the largest wealth transference from the ordinary citizen to the rich ever recorded in history. Those that sold and traded mortgages then batched them into Mortgage backed securities new full well that this items were worthless yet they continued to sell them. This is about nothing more than greed from those that already have far to much in terms of resources, wealth and power over our lives. It is high time that we the 99% put a stop to their extravagances at our expense!!


Agromnoy 31.12.2013 16:06

Not ''cultural change'' is whats needed but but abolishen of usury. Money and banking needs to be a public facility, not mass thievery that sucks all wealth from the people to a tiny minority running this 'created' money racket.


not duped 31.12.2013 15:27

When I saw the headline I thought this was SATIRE. What about ongoing genocide, apartheid, erosion of personal freedoms/privacy, etc.? Useless tool.


Michael 31.12.2013 12:26

Yes the Uk should accept Syrian refugees,but only Christians. The Christians in the M.E are being relentlessly persecuted and this time to support them. The Uk Government are controlled by jews, so their propensity is Isreal


Michael 31.12.2013 12:14

Tell it how it is Arch Bis' that the majority of CEO's of banks and finance houses are jews, the cause of the 2008 misery. I would suspect that large donations have gone to Isreal to support their ragtime regime


Ronald 31.12.2013 12:13

This is not an issue in banking ethics, but in law enforcement. Why can banks pay billions in fines in order to have banking criminals evade personal liability -- and jail time -- for their crimes? Both Britsh and American justice departments should be REQUIRED to press criminal charges prior to offering sweetheart penalty deals -- penalities that are either rolled backwards to shareholders or forward to customers, but are never paid by the criminals themselves.


Jesus is going to win 31.12.2013 12:03

He is talking nonsense once again. Why doesn't he keep to his job which is to tell people to repent and give their lives to Christ? All these religious leaders are poking their noses into things they have no business with. They're supposed to tell people how to be saved, not to lie to people and say that the bankers caused the economic collapse, when the whole thing was an inside job.

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