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Mortgage crisis penalty estimated at $50 bln for 'Wolves of Wall Street' - report

10.01.2014 06:56

America’s biggest banks could shell out nearly $50 billion to settle probes by government regulators who are after them for overstating the quality of mortgage bonds they sold, which triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

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Gerr 12.01.2014 10:18

How about putting some of those b*stards behind bars? I don't think so, the political will is simply not there (neither in Europe nor in America)... Iceland will remain an exception.


Mike Littlefield 10.01.2014 22:44

If any of the financial hardships that resulted from these felonies caused the suicide of any person, these corporations are guilty of murder. And since the supreme court has determined that corporations are people, the guilty can and should be put to death.


Tim Bravo 10.01.2014 17:19

$50 billion is a drop in the bucket and completely meaningless if they don't have to admit wrongdoing or go to jail.

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