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Booz Allen biggest 4-month stock fall after its employee Snowden leak

10.06.2013 15:02

Shares of a consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton have fallen 5%, after company employee Edward Snowden revealed the US National Security Agency (NSA) had access to personal data shared through internet.

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Codename Taco 11.06.2013 20:56

A company like that doesn't get those contracts simply on the merits of their performance, they schmoozed their way in. The stock prices fell on emotions. When you back off the stock, you're gambling that these schmoozings lost their value. I'd bet that someone at BAH has dirt on at least a few very well connected people and this debacle should not hurt their long-term profitability. The Taco says it's time to buy.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 20:21

This is a very basic example of the inefficiency skills of the traitors in Washington and Brussels

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 20:14

good.. i hope they continue to fall..and then just go bottoms up..traitors! thank u mr snowden

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 16:46

This firm and executives should be tried for treason!!!!

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 16:04

no wonder countries are no longer dealing in US Petro-Dollars; more to come

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 16:03

no wonder countries are no longer dealing in US Petro-Dollars; more to come

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 13:15

This firm needs to go under for their undermining of the constitution. Immediately.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 09:34

Anon 10.06.2013 16:02, agree with u.Boozy has no core value, it's core is ROTTEN like a bad apple.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 01:07

Amen core values apply only to some..depends on which side of the food chain one is on inside BAH


Patricia Burns 11.06.2013 00:30

oops! sorry for the duplicate post. I gues I made my point though. :)

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 16:56

why does the government out-source IT services???? who has the biggest shares in this boozy company?

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 16:02

Core values... core values? Your firm has no core values.

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