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Russia, EU hint at financial aid in exchange for Ukraine's partnership

16.12.2013 11:22

Aiming to keep Ukraine in orbit, both Russia and the EU have teased the country with promises to help fund its $17 billion finance gap.

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Erich 16.12.2013 22:32

Hard choice, money from a country that has a history of forgiving debt, or money from countries that have used loans and interest rates to enslave people.


J M 16.12.2013 22:09

It's cold without natural gas. Ukraine needs it at the current low prices which are offered by Russia. Does anyone remember when they cut off the gas? I do, it was cold. I don't have a "side" but it's just the way things go. Unless the EU really has something significant to offer, I doubt the Ukranian government will bite.


Agnes Maria 16.12.2013 20:57

Et tu, RT? This news day is an assault on Russia! I went all the way to you to escape it, and this is what I see? This saddens me. PLEASE do not contribute to widening, perpetuation or furthering the massive political black hole that exists where should stand proud nations!


Dimitri 16.12.2013 19:57

Do not offer them any money. Russia dose not need Ukrain... We all know that. What Russia is going to buy with this money? A bunch of hungry people with later more demands for money?
Russia has enough of everything it's need to develop inner powers and sources.


Sashka26FW 16.12.2013 18:12

so Russia offers 15 billions dollars, EU offers 100 million dollars.. hmm, i do wonder which of these two can offer economic development and ability to FEED yourself especially when Ukraine needs REAL hard load of money..

last time i heard my electrical company didn't accept "freedom and democracy" as payment..they said they want MONEY!

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