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Key creditor China begins acting to hedge against US default

10.10.2013 10:50

Hong Kong has sent the first sign from Asia that the region is creating extra financial buffers against a possible default in the US. China said some US short – term Treasury bonds appear to be more risky to hold as collateral than previously thought.

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Александр Смирнов 17.10.2013 16:43

May be you will think about thousands of childrens, weemans in Lybia Irak and Syria? Or you think? that it`s just number? Think about destiny that dead people!!!


Александр Смирнов 17.10.2013 16:34

After the article you can speek only about money, wall street and devalvation?


Santiago Ramírez 15.10.2013 15:37

Sad Benjamin has been slow but constantly beheaded.

I t is time for America to pay its borrowed over weighted extravaganza at 200 cents for a dollar.

It is Uncle Sam's devaluation time by 10/17/2013: 100 DOLLAR = 50 dollar.

Have 10 grand in the bank? now they are just 5.

Have a 100k house? now it only worth 50k.

Have a 1,000 debt? now it is being doubled to 2,000.

Working $10 the hour? Better get used to 5 at the most.

Help the Fed ! Help Wall Street ! Help Pay their high life !

Isn't it Ironic?


Jay Martin 14.10.2013 19:49

Let it tank, and then fire all of congress, and Obama


Nalliah Thayabharan 13.10.2013 01:26

Wall Street only has the lobbyists. Today more than 42,000 Wall Street lobbyists manipulate USA’s 537 elected officials with huge campaign contributions that fund candidates who support their agenda. It no longer matters who’s the President of USA.
The political and economical leadership of the US has chosed to cartel profits and transformed the US economy to serve the colluding and unlawful oligarchy. The political and economical leadership of the US is bailing out failed paradigms with trillions of dollars while committing social injustice to its people.


Nalliah Thayabharan 13.10.2013 01:23

The Wall Street’s suicidal capitalism built on rampant speculation eventually pose an untenable risk to the US economy, In 2008 the US government was compelled to replace private risktakers at the Wall Street with government capital. As a result, these Wall Street became impervious to the vital market discipline that the threat of loss provides. The Wall Street lenders to financial markets continue to understand that the US government would protect them in the future if necessary. This implicit guarantee by the US government harms capitalism and economic growth.


Nalliah Thayabharan 13.10.2013 01:19

Wall Street is a confidence trick, a dazzling edifice built on paper promises, gambling, bets and rampant speculation. Wall Street doesn’t manufacture or produce anything. The Wall Street however attractive it may appear is built on paper. Rampant speculators, propagandists and financiers of Wall Street are given some unfair advantage over the average consumers and taxpayers and the cumulative effect of the people watching selfishness prevail over the public interest has been an undermining of the public’s trust in the present US government. Wall Street jerry-rig the system so that Wall Street always win.


Rod Lloyd 12.10.2013 01:25

Throw them to the kirb...... let Wall St eat humble pie and die, thiese cheats need a harsh lesson.


Mike 11.10.2013 18:11

The BRICS are sunk for now without the EU And USA

Maybe later its another story

Remember the French and British destroyed them the first time
The Japanese sent them into a Maoist state then the world bankers created Mao and Stalin

Wars make huge money ask Soros and the USA

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