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Nearing Banking union: ECB to supervise 6,000 eurozone lenders

12.09.2013 12:32

European lawmakers have established centralized oversight for Europe's largest banks. This marks creation of the first of 3 pillars of the bloc's planned banking union - a cornerstone of the policies to turn the tide on the area's 3-year-old debt crisis.

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mergon 22.07.2014 14:18

The signs are there to see ,now is the time to take your money out of their system and keep it in a safe, pay your bills in cash live with in your means work for cash in hand sell for cash in hand s.c.r.e.w their credit rating systems , there is a storm coming look at Greece they stole the peoples money out of their accounts , if they want to steal your money they will have to come to your house , if have invested in lead they wont want to get hurt so will leave you alone .
Its time to get your skill sets up change the way you communicate sort out other systems be more self reliant


Colin Shorey 15.09.2013 04:56

Another Quango! We have proved that regulators are totally ineffective.FSA either overlooked or totally ignorant of financial sector sadly the list goes on.If I wanted to rob or murder someone I would not tell the FSA/police with.MP would not tell parliamentary expenses committee.I think confidence in anything has been lost and sadly difficult to know where to turn."Its not my fault guvnor" is the standard reply from these "Regulated Failures"I have applied for the position of Head of Regulators Regulate

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