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Egypt approves Islamic bonds seeking to revive troubled economy

11.04.2013 16:20

Cash-strapped Egypt might raise $15bn in a year after the country’s top religious authority approved Islamic bonds. The move has been opposed as contrary to Islamic law.

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Paul Byatt 30.04.2014 11:24

Buying assets at low prices and selling them at higher prices is one way. That is not interest paid... that is earned return. Savings Bonds work this way. Buy today at price A and Sell later at price A++. Just don't call it interest. Using indexes like other DERIVATIVES may be the easiest way to do this.

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 14:56

Egyptians will be fooled once again by the bearded thieves. Some people never learn...

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 13:54

you couldent make this $hit up.....errrr well actualy they could.


duncan c lucas 11.04.2013 20:41

Muslim religious law states you cannot lend money with INTEREST.There are ways round it though.

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 18:11

There is nothing islamic about these bonds, but faces to dupe the people into a scheme that is shirk

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