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EU calls for suspension of multi-billion ‘Safe Harbor’ deal over NSA spying

31.10.2013 04:54

EU leaders are calling for the suspension of a trade pact with the US worth billions of dollars over NSA spying. The 28-nation bloc suspects the so-called ‘Safe Harbor’ deal is being undermined by US espionage and has demanded safeguards for EU citizens.

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jacktar2001 17.07.2014 04:53

Yet, the USA needs to have high-level Intelligence gathering. We are in a just war with al-Qaeda. To try and break up al-Qaeda cells, and to try and track al-Qaeda movements and plans, my country needs very sophisticated tools. America is supposed to be a government of laws, not men. Any surveillance by the NSA, is legally subject to probable cause, and such probable cause is to be supported with credible evidence. Then, a Search Warrant can be issued by an honest judge, or Court. There's the rub. How can any Court or judge, approve a Search Warrant for millions and billions of people, all of the time?


Fastfood 07.11.2013 18:21

"If Washington fails to comply with the EU’s demands then it could further endanger a free trade deal which could add an estimated $138 billion a year to each economy’s gross domestic product."

Wouldn't that be a good the for the economies of every one concerned?


Captian Kangeroo 02.11.2013 00:30

Well, when you get connected to Satan's minions what would think the result would be? Sure they will spy on you and steal all your economic secrets and plans.


UkChris1974 01.11.2013 19:37

The trade pact should be abolished, Until the USA starts to act, like a civilized nation and stop acting like a spoiled little brat that throws its toys out of the pram if it doesn’t get its own way.
and while were at it the EU needs to get its own GPS system up and running even thought the US have already said that an EU GPS system would be a threat to there national security.


КЕВИН БОФФ 01.11.2013 14:54

Well USA with your to big to fail agenda on global dominance. As USA loves guns be informed USA that you just shot yourself in both feet !!


Zeitgeisttt 01.11.2013 03:17

The elite have there snooping tool revealed...What does there future hold?


Rosi DeJean 01.11.2013 03:00

Once someone begins to feel same punishment inflicted on others, perhaps some sympathy for the struggle of others would be felt.


John Saunders 01.11.2013 02:21

I hope we will see more brave moves against these kinds of double standards that are opening up businesses and people to manipulation that is made possible by the this form of information gathering.


Christine Bryant 01.11.2013 01:47

As an Obama supporter, I've got to admit that I am disappointed with this one. It's not a new revelation to me, but when I see the depth of this, I am truly alarmed. As Chief of Staff, I can see wiggle room, but you are still the leader of the free world, and ignorance is no excuse. With that being said, I look for changes to occur which will put the world at peace. Although this spying business did not start with him, this gives him the chance to clean this situation up.


Margaret Lynn 01.11.2013 01:32

"and has demanded safeguards for EU citizens."

These fakers make me want to throw up all over their nice expensive suits. I mean really, what is with all this politcal posturing ?

Trying to make the people of all our nations belive that any of them are trust worthy, and that they aren't all in on the agenda to enslave us all with their incessant demands of more taxes, constantly legislating more ways to take our hard earned money away from us, and not just America, either. All the worlds useless blood sucking politicians want all citizens to be beholden to them, so stop with the feigned anger, already.


Delete This Comment 01.11.2013 00:53

"Breakdown of Trust?"

Obama isn't even an American Citizen.
How can you ever possibly trust him?


Eileen Sembrot 31.10.2013 18:56

I live here and have been telling people in this country how horribly rotten the US is. I feel like I just came out of a bubble of unreality that America has itself in--superior people, exceptional, manifest destiny, etc. Please contact Americans and wake them up!!

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