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Austerity belt: Looking for the best size

07.05.2013 12:15

As Europeans become increasingly outraged with draconian cuts at home, officials have started to speak about the need to ease the austerity measures. Now the question is how to come up with a middle ground between cuts and economic growth.

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Anonymous user 14.05.2013 10:15

Scrooge Clones do Humanity Huge Favor, Suicide Yourselves. May your Kids Smackya when you are Old.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 00:03

``Austerity belt´´ coming to your own town very soon ... starting Barroso, Bernanke and cronies.


citizen777 13.05.2013 23:39

Government is like this: When it comes to social programs they're an anorexic. When it comes to military spending and corporate giveaways they're morbidly obese... and they will starve the anorexic even more for another crumb to feed fatty. Anything to pay back favors for campaign contributions but spit in the faces of those who trusted them enough to vote for them.


Kevin 13.05.2013 21:43

This was seen and said years ago. Austerity has ruined growth but the blind leading the blind Troika insisted on it with Barroso backing it 100%, so this step shows only that they are incompetents and motivated by a hidden agenda.

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