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04.09.2013 15:07

World leaders have descended upon St. Petersburg, the ‘northern capital of Russia,' for the eighth G20 summit which runs September 5-6. The meeting is chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Angel 08.09.2013 00:42

USA shall keep those 10 Commandments of the Lord in Heaven.
They keep non of the commandments right now.


SourceKnown! 06.09.2013 17:11

Can't find work, which translates into people cannot home themselves or eat!


Dimitri 05.09.2013 13:36

I don't remember when was the last time that any of these kind meetings resulted in anything. After it's all done each of them will go their separate ways and will continue to support banks and ignore middle class.


Ed Camilo 05.09.2013 06:25

Sometimes I wonder if the powers that be are all in it together playing good cop bad cop with the simpletons of the Earth while laughing at the people's ignorance of their reality! I hope not. otherwise we are all royally screwed.

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