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First hostage of the 'Potash War': Urakali CEO arrested in Belarus

26.08.2013 12:49

The CEO of Russia's Uralkali, the world’s largest potash producer, has been detained and charged in Belarus for at least two months, and could face up to 10 years in prison for cutting out its Belarusian fertilizer partner.

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Enrique 27.08.2013 17:35

The Eurasian Union needs a Tribunal to solve those issues, same as the European Union. The Tribunal wold judge if the terms of the Treaty have been broken by Uralkali´s decission.


Malgorzata 27.08.2013 12:45

Good on you Belarus!!!


Enrique 27.08.2013 00:07

In any case, if Baumgertner is a Russian citizen, Russian Tribunals are the competent ones.


Enrique 27.08.2013 00:06

The Belarussian Government doesn´t understand competition in a market economy, as it is the World where we live.

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