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Kalashnikov switches to private hands in $41mn deal

23.09.2013 10:39

Russia’s largest weapons producer has struggled to be profitable in the post-Cold War years, and now 49 percent of the Kalashnikov Group will be sold to private buyers for nearly $41 million.

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Eric Siverson 24.12.2013 05:34

As a Russian tank commander I wonder if he had anything to do with the design and improvements on Russia's tanks . Russia also had the best tanks too


Keith Lange 08.10.2013 04:20

So who owns the other 51%?


Rick P. 28.09.2013 13:50

How could they have not made a profit when every gun slinger in the Mid-East, East, and Africa carry an AK? If they were privately owned they would be making some serious money.


MonsantoGoingDown 25.09.2013 04:05

They should open a distribution center in Damascus.


Andrej Rehak 23.09.2013 18:29

The problem of Kalashnikov group - former Izhmas is that there is already too many of them in the world. And among those that are there in the world - there is too many chinese copies. So there is currently no huge need for firearms. US where next war will broke out, already have its own weapons.

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