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AK47 maker bites the bankruptcy bullet

06.04.2012 14:51

The company that makes the world famous Kalashnikov assault rifle has declared bankruptcy. Even though hundreds of thousands of the guns have been sold world wide the company’s finances have been dire.

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Rick P. 28.09.2013 14:55

Spudder 08.04.2012 06:22

I have always wanted one. Where can I buy one? Please help, I am desperate!!


Lol, The Chinese will copy and exploit anything for profit, won't they?Lol.


Rick P. 28.09.2013 14:53

slim mazafaka 06.04.2012 16:04

Oh!!! Russia stopped selling death I see,Im glad they stopped selling those machines of death responsible for the deaths of millions and millions and millions and millions of people I hope American weapon manufacturers go bankrupt as well,Im confused though how is the company that sells the worlds number 1 selling weapon bankrupt?!?!&nbs p;


Because it wasn't privately owned.

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