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Russian tycoon Kerimov becomes second ‘Potash War’ target

02.09.2013 10:28

Belarus has issued an arrest warrant for principal Uralkali shareholder Suleiman Kerimov, as well as put him on the national and Interpol's most wanted lists.

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Malgorzata 02.09.2013 17:10

And Russia should control the greed of its ruling oligarchy, otherwise in the future it may lose its close ally (and Russia does not have many allies), people will vote Lukashenka out and the new man in charge will go with the West.


Malgorzata 02.09.2013 16:16

Even though the countries share so much in common, in Russia corruption, especially when the rich are concerned, is the norm. Belarus has been fighting corruption, and has been quite successful. If Belarus heads west, it’s factories will be bought and then closed, people will be out of work, if it goes east as it has, big brother’s corrupted oligarchy will creep in, but hopefully jobs will be kept. If it stays “independent” as most Belarusians want, well can any small/medium sized country be really independent these days

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