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​Latvia joins eurozone, but half of population opposed

01.01.2014 06:07

Latvia has celebrated the New Year by joining the eurozone, becoming the 18th member of the Europe-wide currency bloc. However, recent opinion polls show that a majority of Latvians oppose the move, with just one-fifth strongly in favor.

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Harrison Terran 09.01.2014 21:11

Expansionary austerity doesn't exist in! When will these incompetent politicians and bureaucrats learn! In Eurozone they should turn to professional economic crisis specialists, as already happens in the US. If you see those of the Orlando Bisegna Index, specialists in the economic crisis, apart from measuring the intensity of the econonomic crisis in many countries, have helped many families, and various counties with debt problems, business failures and unemployment.


Ari Lindberg 08.01.2014 00:33

Well, Iceland dont want to be in the bankrupt EU...they signed a agreement with China instead...Same with Norway, they dont want to be a EU member either


Ari Lindberg 08.01.2014 00:32

The jews could not leave Estonia...they were murdered 1941


Ari Lindberg 08.01.2014 00:30

Russia dont need Estonia..there is nothing of worth in Estonia...Have Estonia normalized their connections the jews ? I mean, Estonians murdered all jews 1941


North. 05.01.2014 22:55

The Baltic states seem have a need of a new " hegem-ony",stor y, what must exclude some groups, as the Russians, and the former elite. But this policy could shape "Aliens", of the Baltic states themselves in the EU. But Russophobia is for many a ticket to the " West ", but I think negative and outdated, in the long run, as Finland even left that policy, long ago, (and the "dele-ting" ; policy is not of mine, the Russians feel deleted ?)


North. 04.01.2014 00:35

Like "Russification& quot;, it can be argued: administrative "Estoniazation& quot; started 1920 when cabinet-level positi-ons for minorities, were refused, cultural Estoniazation began with the coup d’état by, K. Päts in 1932. Later during the 1930s, the Estonian-Swedes, was repres-sed, language, personal names, religion, place-names, postal distribution. The Estonia-Swedes could leave Estonia, 1944, and now it´s time in Finland to force the Finnish-Swedes out.(5%) And both Finland and the Baltics, take very few immigrants, Latvia, 55 people/ year, Lithuania, 65 persons, what the EU complaining about.


Max Morgan 03.01.2014 15:23

Look at Greece, Italy, Spain Portugal and Ireland economy, Having Euro and joining EU is stupid. It central planning economy bound to fail. Member cannot produce or manufacture whatever they like, it all dictate from EU.


Marc Muylaert 03.01.2014 15:08

This is the big problem in Europe. Its inhabitants do not agree with a lot of decisions. Europe is moving much too fast, only backed up by a few politicians who never take responsibility and do what they want. We have a problem with media which is always politically biased, so what is the truth? The truth is that a lot preferred the 'old' Europe, with its borders and safety. I live in Belgium, a country where a Flemish vote is less worth than a French Walloon vote, just because 60% in Belgium are Flemish (Dutch) speaking, who can believe this!


ausonio 03.01.2014 09:49

I always laugh when this disgraced west lectures China, Russia or others on democracy..... pathetic

1) media in the west are totally controlled by the financial elite

2) democracy examples of Europe: nobody had a say on the euro, the EU, the Lisbon treaty. When they had, their voices were simply neglected.


Chinese are freer than us in Europe: at least they make no illusions about democracy and they can see who is really in charge

we don't even have this right. politicians are puppets. puppeteers stay behind the curtains. =)


ausonio 03.01.2014 09:44

Marzipan6 03.01.2014 09:32

To Rogirl: how come the 'poor Estonian people', who have been in the EU for 10 years and adopted the Euro 2 years ago don't feel 'enslaved to their new masters in Brussels'? In a recent survey published within the past few weeks, they were the most positive of all EU member countries about the EU.

Facts are always more interesting than enthusiastic propaganda.


which countries? certainly not southern ones. maybe Germany but I even doubt about it.

..btw.. . do you believe media in Europe are free?


ausonio 03.01.2014 09:43

from the USSR to the EUSSR ...

but don't worry... the EU will collapse much faster thank God

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