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The biggest fall: Lehman Brothers, 5 years on

13.09.2013 11:20

The US is just emerging from the financial meltdown and experts are asking if it will happen again. Wall Street is “reformed” with new “anti-crisis tools,” while Lehman Brothers’ former CEO is tucked away in his $19 million Sun Valley, Idaho mansion.

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mergon 22.07.2014 14:07

American banking system pick the top banks if they names including names like gold, Sax or man , blaum ,they are bent, none of them are going to jail for ruining a nation because its not their nation they just live there and take the money !


Freesaxon 19.09.2013 22:32

Great picture ....... says it all


Austin Murphy 19.09.2013 16:04

What happens in Greece doesn't stay in Greece unfortunately and the blowback from this whole crisis will still come back to haunt us


Allan Begg 19.09.2013 03:07

What's the diiference between a Wall Street Banker and Joe Blow....if a Wall Street Banker takes you money he doesn't go to jail


Allan Begg 19.09.2013 03:04

Nothing has changed much on Wall Street many of the same people are there and bad practices continue....they really hate regulation self regulation will not work as it is a conflict of interest for those drawn by the smell of money while risking others money...they still get their bonuses regardless I think the U S Government is week and Wall Street has fooled them they know best the risks are the same for a cra$h again!


Allan Begg 19.09.2013 02:49

Really can't get my head around the fact that these people profess to know what's best for the client when all that is really happening they are just there to put the clients dollars at risk in order to get fat bonuses... How do they sleep at night obviously they just don't care...


Allan Begg 19.09.2013 02:41

The people in Wall Street escaped criminal negligence charges! So have not found themselves held accountable for basic fundamentally outrageous practices!...Can anyone therefore have confidence Wall Street ? I think not. Derivative instruments should be banned! Short selling should be banned! The selling of Junk Bonds promoted as triple A sound investments selling should be banned! The tax payer should not be held for the morally corrupt behaviour of others having expensive drinks on fancy bonuses while their clients are hung out to dry....


Tyrant 15.09.2013 18:46

K K Singh 14.09.2013 18:25

The US is just emerging from the financial meltdown and experts are asking if it will happen again.


Again? We're still in a financial meltdown. This problem is getting progressively worse.

Thin k of our economy as a sick man on life support. The man has a heart attack, we revive him, but the man's health is still getting worse.

Down the road the man will have more frequent heart attacks until his inevitable death.

That analogy pretty much describes our economy.


K K Singh 14.09.2013 18:25

The US is just emerging from the financial meltdown and experts are asking if it will happen again.
Crooks will never agree to cyclic economic boom and doom, murdering massive number of working forces!!
Lets fight for ending this murder of working forces since 200 years in name of free market and democracy!!!!!!!!!


Carlos Gomez 13.09.2013 19:51

Ain't that just "peachy?" The thug can still infect biz....! God we need reform BAD !

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