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EU fines Microsoft $732mn for breaking anti-monopoly rules

06.03.2013 14:16

The EU Commission has ordered Microsoft to pay $732mn for breaking an agreement to offer users a choice of internet browser four years after fining the American software giant for just the same infraction.

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Anonymous user 14.03.2013 06:52

I hope you got it. I dont log in for some reason...

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 06:49

How to support elite colleagues legaly? You see it here, Technical mistake as an excuse, Sure...

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 13:09

Microsoft is boss! Only corporations like this and others could dictate to governmens.

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 14:42

world starting to realise the power of the european union against usa

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 14:41

since when have share prices on usa stock market been based on reality?

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 14:38

europe setting good example with banksters and big players. bravo!

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 14:36

At least in europe there are rules that even the big boys cant break. usa and uk = unstable anarchy

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 02:04

The fine must be less than the profit for Microsoft, as they keep doing it.


Ovidiu GOA 06.03.2013 20:10

that is stupid, an operating system is supposed to give you the ability to browse the internet, and Microsoft does that by having internet explorer. Why is this rule applied only to Microsoft, apple has Safari as default and no option to install another browser. Is the law different just because Microsoft has more users. It is stupid.


Stephen Burns 06.03.2013 14:38

Typical Microsoft, think the law doesn't apply to them.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 14:27

and by that Microsoft trying to see with how much they can get away with...

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 14:27

always trying to test the water to see with how much they can get away with.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 13:02

How hard is it for someone to install Firefox, Chrome, or Opera?
What about OS X with only safari?

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