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The small get it all: $15bn Philippines typhoon more painful than Sandy for US

12.11.2013 07:59

Typhoon Haiyan has inflicted an estimated $15 billion damage to the Philippines. Experts say the strongest recorded cyclone is many times worse for the economy of the Philippines, than Hurricane Sandy was for the US.

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Ann 16.11.2013 14:57

Isaiah Rodriguez 13.11.2013 03:38

" ;russia cant afford to send money, only cheap labor. hilaruous. and kinda sad"

I t's sad, but It's been known for awhile now that some or even much of the aid in the form of money and or supplies do not reach the victims of such horrific catastrophes. I don't know if Russia sent any money or supplies, but sending people was a good choice because their assistance is needed.


a 13.11.2013 17:03

This has HAARP written all over it ! Disaster capitalism at work here ! The USGOVT ( luciferians ) agenda gravest threat to earth and her earthlings !


SourceKnown! 13.11.2013 13:16

Great to see the world coming together to help these people sort out their lives. For now aid and support are good tactics for combating this threat.

I feel we should also have a long term strategy, were certain high buildings are altered or built in strategic locations, that have solar power and other back up supplies, as well as food stores.

Thi s way we can keep our communications open and also have a base of operations to use to mount relief and other efforts from.

Large scale floods could see lots of people isolated or stranded by water, best to start making preparations for the future now!


Wander 13.11.2013 06:18

Isaiah Rodriguez 13.11.2013 03:38

russia cant afford to send money, only cheap labor. hilaruous. and kinda sad


Get your facts straight mate.


Johnny 12.11.2013 17:01

now this makes some sense...Russia & Korea & Canada pitching in like this...elsewhere doofus'es wandering around asking "where's Russia?" Canadian Radio has been broadcasting all day on Relief efforts there...some people just ignore the news and then ask why is there propaganda here. "read the paper"..." listen"...some like internet jitterbugging, instead...

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