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Poland to get gas from 'fracking' in Europe

29.08.2013 12:07

Poland has begun a test extraction of shale gas in amounts not seen in Europe before. Eager to reduce energy dependency on Russia, Poland has succeeded after three international firms quit drilling in the country.

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Maria Byrne 11.11.2013 23:37

There are dead towns in America due to Fracking with totally polluted water supplies. It's good to do your homework on environment issues which can cause many problems in the future. A short term answer a long term full of environmental regrets.


Peter Jennings 03.09.2013 22:17

Well done Poland. We in the UK can watch the gradual pollution of your natural resources in the full knowledge/ignorance that we will be following right behind you.


Christian Cygan 29.08.2013 22:29

Malgorzata 29.08.2013 17:43

[quote name='Christian Cygan' time='29.08.2013 16:56']"Poland has a limited supply of water and a densely populated countryside" --]

You mention all these mineral springs, do we water our fields or flash our toilet with this water? Out of 26 European countries, we are 22 when it comes to the amount of water available for per person, check it out.


Fr ankly, I do not believe these numbers. Do not bite into a lie.


Christian Cygan 29.08.2013 16:56

"Poland has a limited supply of water and a densely populated countryside" -- nonsense what a bunch of baloney! All those springs, Naleczow, Krynica, Myszowianka, Kinga, Ustronianka, etc. Good for Poland that they are trying to have their own thing going!!!


Malgorzata 29.08.2013 15:29

Poland has a very limited supply of water and a densely populated countryside. To waste so much water on such a project is uneconomical, jobs created are few and once the company leaves the state will have to clean up the environmental mess left behind. Only the naïve believe that gas prices will drop, only a handful of people will make money (politicians and the already rich).

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