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'There are signs of a new stage of crisis' - Putin

05.09.2013 15:09

President Putin welcomed world leaders to St. Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia, as this year’s G20 chair, but with a somber welcoming message- the world is on the cusp of recovery, but recession risk still looms.

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goedelite 29.09.2013 20:31

Letting the banks fail was not the alternative to rescuing them as they were. They could have been nationalized, their depositors protected by FDIC, then divided into smaller banking institutions. The banksters did not have to be rewarded and rescued with the banks as they were.


EpluribusUNO.wordpress 10.09.2013 16:01

Putin is right. All IMF / CB economic activity is directed toward more bank scams and bailouts than productive development. This is all an incredibly false world Ponzi scheme of phony fiat currency and "swamp land" derivatives. Meanwhile, world wide labor market has been reduced to subsistence wages if employed at all. It is a self-perpetuating fascist cabal of corporations, bankers, militarists, weapons and drug dealers, and money launderers. Every Ponzi scheme reaches a point where there are no more buyers. The oligarchy can run, but they can't hide.


Jay B. George 06.09.2013 14:48

One shows leadership and another crumbles under Zionist pressure to start 3rd WW


Agromnoy 06.09.2013 12:18

Crooked banks based on dishonest 'laws' that let them print-up money and 'derivatives' should fail as any other unprincipled corporation in competition with one based on solid, honest and trusted free-trade, but justly regulated one. Corporate regulation to be based on maximum societal benefit, not unbrideled greed.


Tony 06.09.2013 09:11

So much one-sided nonsense. Let's see:
1) Let the banks fail because that is capitalism - moron, do you realize how many other companies would have failed. Do you realize how many families would have been destroyed because of job losses? Why do people NOT look at the collateral impacts of decisions. If the banks had failed then the ripple effect would have been devastating.


Freesaxon 06.09.2013 00:41

As always so, so refreshing Mr.Putin


aleph 05.09.2013 23:16

Brent Moulton of the Bureau of Economic Analysis has announced that changes to the method of assessing GDP growth in the US economy will add 3% growth to future figures. Couple this with the doggy methods used to assess CPI increases shows just how desperate they are to hide the true state of the economy. If the stimulus had gone into the real economy and not to keeping banks afloat they might have survived.
Pres Putin is right on the money, money into development projects, let the banks sink or swim after all thats is the capitalist way.


Bill B 05.09.2013 19:47

"Obama who lashed out at him afterwards with childish remarks "

Obam a can't help but give childish remarks. He has childish ignorance. Look at how he is handling America, very childishly, an inexperienced leader who was elected purely because of his race!


WorkTogether 05.09.2013 19:31

Neil 05.09.2013 19:03

On the brink of WW3 and they want to talk about over dinner...??


Good idea as there is always a chance that Obama might choke at some remark of Putin's! He he!


WorkTogether 05.09.2013 19:28

Well done as always! President Putin is truly one of the most collected, self contained leaders the world has had in at least half a century. Nothing fazes him, just as he handled the G8 summit in Ireland. Lone wolf (or bear) as Putin was in his support for dialogue in Syria, this was furthest from his mind & for sure Putin's icy composure, rattled Obama who lashed out at him afterwards with childish remarks which further tarnished his already souring image worldwide. Pres Putin is a REAL president & with this an economical summit, it is clear he is committed to build Russia & the World, not break it down further!


Neil 05.09.2013 19:03

On the brink of WW3 and they want to talk about over dinner...??


Ron Wagner 05.09.2013 18:19

Sounding like a leader, unlike Obama.

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