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Asia spearheads economic recovery, but risks overheating - IMF report

29.04.2013 08:57

After a lethargic year plagued by slow recovery and lukewarm markets, the IMF foresees Asia leading the three-speed global recovery with at least 5.75 percent overall growth in the region, but warns of a financial imbalance in 2013.

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Joe Plumber 29.04.2013 22:08

As always, even though western 'experts' have to admit that non-western economies are healthy, the rest of their report will tell you about million of things that could go wrong theoretically, warn about all possible and not very possible risks, potential problems, etc.

When talking about western economies, they have to admit that everything is bad, but it's always followed by optimistic forecasts - no mention of risks, problems, no bad scenarios, like everything is only going to become better.

Nai ve propaganda to create the impression that western economies are more preferable for investment.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 12:30

corrupt anglos controlled IMF wants england to print money but ohers 2 follow austerity, kill anglos

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