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Belarus targets Russian billionaire as 'potash war' intensifies

29.08.2013 12:07

Suleiman Kerimov, a majority shareholder in Uralkali, could be the next victim in the ‘potash war’ as diplomatic relations sour between Minsk and Moscow.

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Dan Hughes 30.08.2013 12:25

Ref Peter Snow.They cant sit down and discus it like human beings.They have to be in charge.What fools they are


Dan Hughes 30.08.2013 12:23

Lates now is that all food from Belarus is suddenly dangerous and should not be eaten by Russians.They did the same with Georgia Latvia and anyone else that causes offence.What a backward lot you really are.Behaving like clowns


Berlusconi Iragbonse 29.08.2013 22:16

hahaha i laugh. am very happy 2 see russia sanctioning countries, the same tin they accuss america and the west of doing wat a country fall of lies and backwardness

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